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FAQs » Prescription Lenses

FAQs » Prescription Lenses

  • I can use my degree to order lenses for glasses?

    No, your graduation Although contact lenses and eyeglasses may seem the same, usually have differences. Graduate sight for the use of glasses and the use of contact lenses.

  • What is the pupillary distance (PD), and how I get it?

    To have your glasses with good vision, assembly of the crystals has to make adjustments to the distance between the user's eyes, and that the center of each crystal coincides with the center of the pupil of the user.

    To achieve this we need you "interpupillary distance" (PD) or distance between the pupils of your eyes.
    The interpupillary distance may have different names such as "centers" or "distance from the centers," but the same thing.

    Using standard interpupillary distance works well for most people, some people with high rankings whose interpupillary distance varies greatly from the average may have trouble using a standard PD.

  • What if I entered my data wrong?

    Immediately call or send an email indicating, because we process orders quickly.

  • What should I do if my receiving or sunglasses eyeglasses frames need to adjust?

    If you need a minor adjustment, any of our optics you can do it for free or at a very reduced. If you continue having problems with your horses, please call or send an Email indicating it

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