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FAQs » Lenses

FAQs » Lenses

  • What material are your lenses?

    We use organic lenses CR39 organic material lighter weight for most of our saddles.

    Depending on the degree we use different types of lenses:

    • Index organic lens 1.5:
      Organic lens (CR39) conventional index, lighter and resistant to breakage than mineral lenses
    • Reduced organic lens index 1.6:
      Average index organic lens 1.6, thinner and lighter than conventional organic lenses.
    • Super organic Lens 1.67 Reduced rate:
      Organic lens edge thickness greatly reduced, due to its special design results in a significant reduction in weight and thickness of a lens edge, thus obtaining more aesthetic than conventional lenses
    • Super organic Lens 1.74 Reduced rate:
      The organic lens thinnest and lightest on the market.

    The lenses we use are of top brands and the same suppliers as the big chains that use optical, work with Essilor, Zeiss, Rodestock, Indus, and so on.

  • What treatments can you make crystals?

    We have different treatments for the lenses of your glasses.

    • Hardened, scratch-resistant lens:
      This treatment of hardening of the surface of organic lenses with which results in greater scratch resistance
    • Anti-reflective lens:
      With this treatment on the lenses enjoy greater transparency. This treatment involves coating the lens with a series of anti-reflective layer allowing most of the light passes through the crystals, thus eliminating the annoying reflections.We recommend this treatment for any strength
    • Photochromic lenses:
      Lenses that darken with increasing light intensity. They are ideal for people who want a unique glasses that will serve as a sunglass as normal glasses. Highly recommended for users who move from daytime outdoor enclosures with some frequency. There are 2 types: Black and Brown
  • Do you sell bifocal lenses? And progressives?

    This type of glass can only be purchased from our perspective, since they require a special adaptation, which is impossible online.

  • ¿Can I place an order of frames without glasses or lenses without graduating?

    Yes, allowing all parameters to 0 and indicated in the notes of the order form that you want only the mount. If you want the lens mount ungraded must tell us in Notes of the order form you want the lens mount neutral.

  • Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

    Yes, we in the sunglasses section models can graduate. Not all models can graduate. You can choose from adjustable models if you want polarized lenses, which are recommended for driving, skiing, water sports, etc.. When light is reflected by some surfaces such as water, snow, road, etc.. polarized, and has a particularly annoying reflection. Tinted windows do not eliminate this reflex. These reflexes are easily removed if the crystal is polarized and easy viewing

    You can also choose the color of the lens, either the original lens color model or between different colors and intensity of the dye on the lens, from 20% for low intensity of dye to 95% for a high intensity in the dye of the lens.

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