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CLIC (Prescription Glasses)

Clic eyeglasses are a very new mounts that change the traditional concept of his glasses. The maximum of Clic is convenience, so that their mounts are flexible, easy to carry and transport. They also have a wide variety of colors and patterns of frames, from the discrete to the more daring, for those who like to stand out and have a strong personality.

Clic eyeglasses are ideal for everyday use, since thanks to its unique system of magnet can be worn around the neck like a complementary fashion and are always ready for use. They are especially recommended for presbyopia, but now Visual-Click lets you put any strength crystals. If you like eyeglasses but you need a click special graduation, you have no excuse, Visual-Click crystals that makes you need.

Famous international stature have succumbed to the originality of the eyeglasses Clic, including Helen Mirren, Flavio Briatore, Robert Joy (CSI New York) and Samuel L. Jackson. If you want to look like a star Hollywood can do with eyeglasses Clic.

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